ROOM WITH A VIEW: Lake Gjende seen from Gjendesheim. Besseggen ridge to the right.
ROOM WITH A VIEW: Lake Gjende seen from Gjendesheim. Besseggen ridge to the right. Foto: Kristoffer Mæle Thuestad

Gjendesheim is widely known for it's emphasis on local food, excellent service, cozy atmosphere, epic terrain and wide variety of activities for all levels year round.

In the reception you can buy basic outdoor equipment and it is possible to rent high quality equipment for activities both summer and winter. The lodge is easily accessible by car, and is situated in a region known for it's beautiful mountains, small scale farms, rich history and active lifestyle. Gjendesheim lodge is open almost all year round and is the main gate to Jotunheimen highlands - home of the Norwegian giants. In the summer, a scenic boatride brings you from Gjendesheim to access the world famous hike back across the narrow Besseggen ridge. Check out our activities, courses and events – and look forward to delicious local food with a spectacular view!

Gjendesheim is the most visited mountain lodge in mountain-Norway, with 20.000 guests. We strive to always find a bed to everyone who wants to stay with us. We have 120 beds in 1-, 2- or 4- bed rooms. We also have dormitories in a separate house.

The demand is highest in the weekends. During Norsk Fjellfilmfestival in September, it is not possible to stay at Gjendesheim at all. Please contact us if you are unsure if we have vacancy.


Get in touch:

Phone: +47 612 38 910

Mail: gjendesheim@dnt.no

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Due to covid-19 precautions, you have to book your stay in advance. We only accept reservations for full board stays with breakfast and dinner.

Accessible rooms

    Good accessibility to 1st floor in main building.



Gjendesheim is certified in accordance to the requirements of environmental friendly cabins. Miljøfyrtårn is a national eco-certificatiom for quality control and verall eco-solutions.

Opening hours 2020

Gjendesheim opens June 5th and stay open until October 4th. We are also open from February 15 th to May 3rd.

How to get there


By car: Car road all the way to Gjendesheim through Randsverk (take the road through Gudbrandsdalen – see the description below under "summer"). Be aware: the road over Valdresflye is closed during the winter (opens around 1st of April). Find more info at: www.vegvesen.no

By bus/train: Every Friday and Sunday in March (starting on the 6th of March) DNT Oslo and Omegn organise a bus shuttle from Otta to Gjendesheim. The bus will have several stops along the way, making it possible for those planning to visit Glitterheim to take the bus as well. Read more here. 


By car: Car road all the way to Gjendesheim through Randsverk. From Gudbrandsdalen (E6) you take the road through Otta or Sjoa to Randsverk and then to Gjendesheim. From Valdres: take the road through Fagernes to Beitostølen, over Valdresflye to Gjendesheim.

By bus/train: During the season there are many expresbusses and local busses to Gjendesheim. Find your travel schedule at the app Entur or Busstilfjells.no.