Overnight guests at Gjendesheim Lodge park for free at the tourist cabin. Are you leaving your car for several days hiking, you have to park and pay at Reinsvangen long term park. In retur, you get a free shuttle bus to the boat terminal at Gjende.

If you are staying overnight at Gjendesheim Lodge, do NOT park in the public car park Reinsvangen. Instead, tell the parking guards by the car park exit that you are going to Gjendesheim. Then continue driving past Reinsvangen for about 2 kilometers more, until you see Gjendesheim Lodge, and signage down to the parking for guests at the lodge.

Staying at Gjendesheim? Park for free at the lodge

As long as you are staying overnight at Gjendesheim, you are welcome to park for free by the lodge.

Longer hikes? Drive the car to Reinsvangen and take the shuttle bus to Gjendesheim

Gjendesheim has very limited car park capacity. Therefore, guests who continue hiking into Jotunheimen must first drive their car back down to the public car park at Reinsvangen and park there. The park ticket covers the shuttle back to Gjendesheim and Gjendeosen.

Confused? Check out Besseggen 1743 web page ​​​​​​​for more detailed info!

At Gjendesheim Lodge, you will find electric charging stations for all kinds of electric vehicles.

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